Sometimes to move forward, you have to sit still.

Having failed to launch as either an architect or an adult, Matt vows to sit on the couch all day in hopes that accomplishing that one goal will give him clarity about the future. Matt is joined on the couch by friends old and new, who ultimately help him realize that he needs to stop sabotaging himself and get off the damn couch. 

Have you ever spent the entire day on the couch?


Sofa King was shot in Queens, NY in November, 2019 and intersperses realism with exaggeration and puppets.  Sofa King is the third micro-budget feature film from In the Garage Productions, following The Mix and Family ObligationsSofa King reshuffles the Garage crew into new roles- Family Obligations’ AD Kevin Wolfring makes his feature directorial debut, while Family Obligations’ star Chris Mollica steps (mostly) behind the camera as the writer, editor, and supporting actor.